Working Together During These Difficult Times

How incredible has it been seeing communities coming together during these times? Seeing businesses specializing in one field, transferring their skills to support another? Seeing countless individuals sacrificing time to support our wonderful health service?

It’s great to see the public and private sectors working together to help get key workers back to work so they can help fight COVID-19. Winning is going to take a united effort, and getting the right people in the right positions is critical to our efforts.

So many wonderful Healthcare and Social Workers are returning to work to help with COVID-19 crisis. This week the DBS service announced these individuals can now be processed FREE-of-charge and applications can be completed within 24 hours. Time is of the essence and we need workers to be ready to deliver urgently.

Did you know…?


If there is no match against the barred lists, the applicant can be recruited in advance of receiving the full DBS certificate. Thus significantly speeding up the process and getting people into post.

At CBS our Fast Track COVID-19 response team are here to help.  If you have any questions please call us on 01443 799900.  Or for further information and to start the fast track process, click here:

Before accessing this new Fast-track emergency DBS service, here are some key facts and prompts to inform your emergency planning risk assessment:

  • About 95% of all Enhanced with Barred List DBS checks have no information included on them.
  • Only 0.02% of Enhanced with Barred List DBS checks state that the person is on a barred list.
  • If the person you are looking to employ as part of these emergency measures has had an Enhanced with Barred List DBS check in the last 3 years, as long as it is for the same workforce (i.e. children and/or adults), consider whether you can use the recent check to determine suitability for the role applied for.
  • If the person you are looking to employ as part of these emergency measures has an existing subscription to the Update Service, using a DBS Enhanced with Barred List check, you could assess the suitability of the applicant using the original certificate and a check of the Update Service.
  • As a temporary measure, where you are recruiting into paid employment you could consider accepting checks previously issued for volunteer roles. Please note: this measure should only be taken for roles eligible for the Fast-track service.


We count it a real privilege to be working alongside countless organizations, getting the right people into the right jobs, so together we can defeat the Coronavirus pandemic. If we can be of any assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to contact our COVID-19 Safeguarding Response Team today.



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