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DBS Update Service


The DBS Update Service ensures that criminal records are constantly up to date, meaning that if someone’s criminal history changes, you’ll be immediately notified.

CBS is a specialist in this service; we realise people don’t want to be stuck repeating the same laborious checks, so the DBS update service saves you time and money.

How Does the DBS Update Service Work?

• Performs regular checks on a person’s criminal history without the need to rescreen.

• We can check every week, month or on a quarterly basis.

• Provide real-time notifications if an individual’s criminal record has changed.

This vital service has proved invaluable to many customers and is unique tool in proactively managing, safeguarding and protecting the reputation of our clients.


Who Benefits from the DBS Update Service?

Employers – The DBS Update Service makes employers less vulnerable to any changes in criminal history. An added benefit is you won’t have to bother with tiresome, rescreening DBS checks going forward.

Your clients will receive a boost of confidence in you as a provider by enhancing your safeguarding procedures and protecting those in your care also.

Individuals – The applicant will be able to use their criminal disclosure for other roles or future employment. The Update Service will save you time and stress instead of applying for a refreshed DBS check every few years.

When Will You Need to do Another Criminal Background Check?

Hopefully never!

The system offers you management by exception, therefore criminal applications become redundant.

Why Should You Sign up to the DBS Update Service?

By not registering to the service, you will not be informed of any changes to a person’s criminal history. Therefore, until a new disclosure is completed (usually completed every one to three years) you would not be aware of any changes to a person’s criminal record and you will be more exposed to unsuitable employees and volunteers.

CBS is all about approaching things from the angle of common sense. It makes sense for us, and for you, to sign up for the Update Service, as it bypasses so much headwork for the both of us.