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We are an external pre-employment screening company, working on behalf of organisations to carry out employee screening.

If your employer has employed us to manage their background screening requirements, you will likely now be in receipt of login details to submit your information online. The below information will take you through what information we will require and why, as well as allay any security worries you may have.


What ID Should You Provide?

1. We require one form of photographic ID confirming your DOB – passport/driving license/birth certificate.

2. We require one form of address verification to verify your current address.

3. You also have the option to upload additional documents (BRP/Relevant Qualification Certificates).

The Application Form

You can significantly help the screening process by:

• Providing all of the information requested, submitting as much detail as possible.

• Ensuring you provide information of dates and details of all gaps in employment during the required period.

Please note that we only require a statement detailing the reason for the gap in employment – no validation documents are required. The team will email you to obtain your personal written statement.

• Responding promptly to any emails or phone calls from CBS whilst we carry out your employment screening.

• Helping to obtain required documentation from ex-employers, government agencies, or any other types of documentation asked for.


Why Do You Need to Provide Your Personal Information?

As part of your contract of employment, CBS are required to undertake various levels of screening in line with our contractual obligations to the client.


Is It Compulsory You Provide This Information?

In order to undertake the required checks, we must receive the required information. We have a contractual obligation to our clients to adhere to the screening requirements. Therefore, should an individual fail or object to provide the information, this could result in escalation to the appropriate HR team.


For How Long Will My Data Be Kept Online?

The data will be retained for 6 months. In line with the Ministry of Justice requirements, all personal data is wiped from the system retaining only a basic audit trail containing name, reference number and date of completion.


Who Will Have Access to my Data?

The core HR team of your employers will have the ability to view the data you have provided, as well as the referencing team here at CBS.


How Secure is my Data?

All data is secured in line with the Ministry of Justice compliance procedures and completed only in HTTPS. The system used to collect the data holds accreditations for both ISO27001 and ISO22301. Data is held by Rackspace, who are without exception the world’s most reputable data servers.


Have More Questions?

If you require any further assistance, please browse our site or contact our friendly team.

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