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This page is designed to help our applicants better understand the screening process and receive any help and support that’s required.

This section is put together to try to answer any queries or concerns you may have. However, if you would prefer to speak to a member of our team directly then please call us on 01443 799900.

  1. Who is CBS and how will you use my information?
  2. Accessing my application form
  3. Completing my application form
  4. How long will my screening take?
  5. Employment screening
  6. General questions


Who is CBS and how will you use my information?


Who is CBS?

Complete Background Screening (CBS) was established in 2005 and has rapidly grown to become recognised as one the most respected providers of DBS and Employment Screening systems in the UK.

CBS has grown into a multi award-winning company and supports many large commercial and public organisations with our eBulk and eScreening systems, providing a full range of services to customers varying from small businesses through to multi-national companies and large general public sector and government organisations. CBS is one of the largest DBS providers and Referencing Houses in the UK.

Will my data be shared?

Your data will only be shared for the sole purpose of screening, such as sharing information with the Home Office, Disclosure and Barring Service, previous employers, etc. CBS will use your data exclusively for employment vetting and determining your suitability for the role.

How is my personal information stored?

All data is secured in line with our regulators’ compliance procedures. The system used to collect the data holds accreditations for both ISO27001 and ISO22301. ISO 27001 is the standard associated with data security and ISO 22301 addresses business continuity and contingency planning.

How long is my personal information stored?

Our data retention systems fully comply with the Data Protection Act, GDPR and all relevant legislation, as well as those rules imposed by our regulators, The Disclosure and Barring Service, Disclosure Scotland, Access Northern Ireland, The Ministry of Justice and the UK Home Office.

Our software partner (Trivex Solutions Ltd) provides and manages all our data storage and access systems with some 20 years’ experience in providing business software solutions and have been a service partner of ours since 2007. We store all data on secure servers with a world leading service provider. Both organisations are UKAS certified for ISO 27001 and ISO22301. Trivex Solutions are the owners and developers of our bespoke platform, MapItAndGO.

Are CBS staff screened to ensure they understand all required rules and regulations?

All CBS staff are screened to the British Standard Legislation BS7858. Additionally our robust training plans ensure all staff are kept abreast of all legislative and industry news affecting our services.

CBS has rapid turnaround times on applications as we have set teams to deal with different stages on your application. Here is a list of the teams you might deal with during your screening:

Data Sourcing – The Data Sources are the first team to receive your application. They check your ID documents, confirm your rights to work, and source all the contact details for your employment history/education history.

Account Managers – The Account Managers then contact your previous employers by telephone and email to request a reference. They also contact you or your company, if we require any more information to proceed your application.

Auditing – The Auditing team manage the emails we receive. This could be from your previous employer providing a reference, the applicant providing further information, or from your current employer.

Compliance – Once we have received all your references your applicant is sent to compliance, who will check everything is in order before stamping your application as complete.

What are the hosting options?

The solution is web-based and is hosted by CBS and MapItAndGO.

Who is MapitAndGO?

This is our workflow solution that manages all applications we receive. This bespoke platform allows us to effectively manage and secure hundreds and thousands of applications.


Accessing my application form


To access your application, you will need to refer to the original email sent by CBS which contains your username, password, company name and a link to access your personal application form.

Please click the link and fill in the required fields by copying and pasting the information from the original email. You will not be able to access your application if this step is not completed.

If you are still unable to access your application, please see the Q&A below for further guidance.

I have used the username and password provided, but I cannot access my application. What am I doing wrong?

The username, password and company name must to be copied and pasted into the link provided within the same email. The first time you log in you will also be asked to create a memorable word as a second stage of entry to increase security and protect your data.

I am trying to create my memorable word, but the system is not accepting it. Why?

Your memorable word needs to be between 9 and 20 characters with numbers and letters. The memorable cannot contain special characters or punctuation marks.

I need a new password. Who do I contact?

Your employer can resend your login details or, alternatively, contact CBS on 0144379900.

I cannot remember my memorable word. How do I get a new one?

To reset your memorable word, you will need to click on the link to access your application and enter your username, password and company name. Once you are on the memorable word page, at the bottom of the screen you have the option to reset your memorable word.

If you follow the onscreen instructions, you will receive an email with a temporary memorable word. You can use this to access your application, but you will need to click on ‘My Details’ once you have access to your application and change your memorable word.

I have requested a new memorable word, but I am not receiving the email. Why is this?

It is possible the email has been sent to your junk or spam folder. Alternatively, it may be because your email provider is automatically blocking the email. If this is the issue, then please contact your email provider and request this block to be taken off, or contact your employer and provide an alternative email address


Completing my application form


I do not have all the required information to complete my form. How long do I have to submit the application?

You have a total of 60 days to submit your application before your application may be withdrawn.

A section of my application form is showing as incomplete, but I have filled out all the required information. How do I know what is missing?

For eScreening applications, next to the word ‘incomplete’ there is a circle with the letter ‘I‘’ (for information) in the centre. If you hover your cursor over this symbol a pop-up box will appear. This box will tell you the reason why this section is showing as incomplete.

For example, if the Basic Criminal Disclosure section is showing as incomplete and the reason is ‘Address needs to be continuous with no breaks’, you are required to provide 5 years of address history with no breaks. If you need to enter more than one address, you need to date it so you move into one address on the same date you move out of your previous address.

I am getting an error when entering my 5-year address history. What am I doing wrong?

Your address history needs to be continuous with no breaks. So, for example, the day you move out of one property needs to be the same day you move into the next property. There is a tool within the system to help you see where your gap appears.

My application form is asking for an international address, but I have not lived abroad. How can I submit my application?

Unfortunately, this would mean you are on the wrong screening package. Please contact your employer and advise them you have not lived internationally before.

I have entered an international address, but the system is still asking for another address. How many addresses does the system require?

To satisfy the international section of your screening package, you are required to enter an international address within the last 7 years. If you have lived in the UK for more than 7 years, then you will need to request your employer to change your screening package.

I do not have a permanent address. Can I use a temporary address to complete my application?

No, you will need to have a permanent address before submitting your application.

What ID documents do I need to provide if I do not have a passport?

You can provide a long birth certificate along with a document containing your National Insurance Number.

My maiden name is the same as my married, how do I portray this on my application form?

If you are required to complete a DBS check, then the system is built to prompt you to enter a previous name if you enter your title as anything other than ‘Miss’. You would then need to make a record of your previous name even though your name has not changed, as the system will acknowledge you did get married but kept the same name.

For example, if your name now is Mrs Jones, but previously you were Miss Jones, you will need to make another record for the name Miss Jones up until the date you got married and changed your name.

Why won’t the system accept my driving licence number?

Your driving licence number has a unique reference which contains letters and numbers. The letters relate to your initials, so, if you have a middle name that isn’t on your driving licence or your driving licence is in a different surname, our system will not accept it as it does not match the details you have entered on your application form. This is not a problem, please select ‘No’ on the driving licence section and upload a copy of your licence to the ‘Document Upload’ section of your application form.

I am not a UK citizen, so I do not have a national insurance number. What do I put in for the NI number?

If you do not have a NI Number, please select ‘No’ and leave this section blank. A National Insurance Number is not a mandatory requirement of the form.

I am getting an error when trying to add a new record. What am I doing wrong?

All fields need to be completed and cannot contain any special characters. A common error is leaving a space after your last word in each field. If any of the fields has an extra space at the end, please go back in and remove the space and click save.

I do not know the contact details for one of my previous employers. What shall I enter into the employment record?

If you do not know the contact details of your previous employer, please provide as much information as possible in the additional information section. To complete the form, please enter your own contact details.

My previous employer has now closed. Should I provide personal contact details for my previous manager?

No, unfortunately we can only request employment references from the companies directly. If the company has since closed, we will be in contact if we require any further information/documentation once we have received your application.

I do not want CBS to contact my current employer. Can I submit my form without entering a record for them?

Please contact the organisation that has requested you to complete this screening. They will be able to make you aware if this is possible.

I am self-employed and all my employment history is through my company. What details should I provide?

If possible, please provide your accountant details as we can contact them directly for confirmation of your self-employment/Directorship. Alternatively, please provide details relating to your company and not the companies you were contracted to. We will then contact you for documentation to validate your self-employment.

I have been asked to provide two character referees. Are there any limitations to who this can be?

A character referee needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Known you personally for a minimum of 2 years
  • Cannot live at the same address as you
  • Cannot be a previous employer
  • Cannot be related by blood or marriage


I have submitted my application, but I am still getting reminders. Why is this?

It is possible CBS has not received your application from your employer. Please contact your employer and request them to check the status of your application.

I would like an update on the progress of my application. Who do I contact?

Your employer has a full-audit trail of your application’s progress, so please contact them and request an update.


Service level agreements


DBS Basic for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Average turnaround 4 working days, however 84% of our checks turn around within 48 hours.

DBS Basic for Scotland – for those living or working in Scotland

Average turnaround is 8 working days.

DBS Standard and DBS Enhanced

Average turnaround is 3.5 working days.

Police Force has 60-day SLA with DBS before we can escalate.

Once escalated, they have 10 working days to complete. Failure to do so means they can release the Police Force information so we can chase direct.

Employment Screening


  • Level 1 Screening – 10 working days.
  • Level 2 Screening – 10 working days.
  • Level 3 Screening – 10 working days.
  • BS7858 – 10 working days.
  • BPSS – 10 working days.
  • FCA Screening – 21 working days.

All other packages may vary depending on your employer’s requirements.

International Checks

CBS can access international data from 196 countries across the globe. Each country has its own turnaround time and cost variations. If you require information for a specific country, please contact us on 01443 799900.


Employment screening


Will I get a certificate once my screening is complete?

Your employer will be able to access your screening results and you will be notified when the screening is complete.

My employer wants me to have a Basic DBS check, but I have previous convictions. Will these show up on the check?

This will depend on the conviction you were charged with and how long ago it was. To find out if this will show on your DBS check, please contact the DBS directly on 03000 200190. They hopefully will be able to answer your question.

I do not know the exact dates of my employment history. Will I fail the screening if I guess the employment dates?

No, we are here to verify your employment timeline. If the dates differ, we will contact you to confirm if the dates your previous employer has provided are accurate. Depending on what level of screening you are being screened to, we may have to ask for documentation to validate any gaps in your employment timeline that may occur.

I was fired/sacked from my previous employer. Will the employment screening check pick this up?

Possibly, yes. This will depend on your previous employer’s response to our employment reference request.

The questions we ask are:

  • Name of previous employee (as held on your records)
  • Start Date
  • End date
  • Position
  • Reason for leaving
  • Additional information if relevant


I have been requested to provide documentation to validate my previous employer. Do I have to provide this?

Yes, if we have requested documentation, this is because it is required to complete your screening. If you cannot provide any documentation, please get in touch with your employer and express your concerns.


Employment Screening


What is involved in my pre-employment screening checks?

This will depend on your employer’s requirements. Below is a list of the main screening packages we offer:


Basic Screening

Level 1

  • Basic Criminal Disclosure
  • ID Validation & Rights to work
  • 1 Employment Verification


Level 2

  • Basic Criminal Disclosure
  • ID Validation & Rights to work
  • 3 Year Employment Verification
  • Credit Report and Address Verification
  • Highest Qualification


Level 3

  • Basic Criminal Disclosure
  • ID Validation & Rights to work
  • 5 Year Employment Verification
  • Credit Report and Address
  • Highest Qualification


Advanced Screening

Level 1

  • Basic Criminal Disclosure
  • ID Validation & Rights to work
  • 1 Year Employment Verification
  • Gap Analysis (3 months gap)
  • Verification


Level 2

  • Basic Criminal Disclosure
  • ID Validification & Rights to work
  • 3 Year Employment Verification
  • Gap Analysis (3 months gap)
  • Credit Report and Address Verification
  • Directorship
  • Highest Qualification


Level 3

  • Basic Criminal Disclosure
  • ID Validation & Rights to work
  • 5 year Employment Verification
  • Gap Analysis (3 months gap)
  • Credit Report and Address
  • Directorship
  • Professional Qualification and Membership Verification



  • Credit Report & ID Validation
  • 5 Year Employment Verification
  • 1 Personal Character References
  • Basic Criminal Disclosure
  • Gap Analysis (31-day gap)



  • ID Validification & Rights to work
  • 3 Year Employment Verification
  • Gap Analysis (3 months gap)
  • Basic Criminal Disclosure



  • Basic Criminal Disclosure
  • ID Validation & Rights to work
  • 3 Year Employment Verification
  • Gap Analysis (31-day gap)



  • UK Electoral Roll, UK CCJs, IVAs and Bankruptcies
  • Credit Report & ID Validation
  • Financial Sanctions Check Against HM Treasury
  • UK Directorships and Disqualifications
  • 5 Year Employment
  • Gap Analysis (3 months gap)
  • Highest Qualification Verification
  • 2 Character References
  • Basic Criminal Disclosure
  • FSA Register Validation Search
  • FSA Disciplinary Validation
  • Regulated Reference (Where Required)




What is a DBS?

DBS is the abbreviation for the Disclosure and Barring Service. The organisation that provides criminal disclosure information, commonly known as a DBS check.

The DBS were previously called the CRB. The CRB was an abbreviation for the Criminal Records Bureau.

Basic check – A Basic Disclosure is a criminal record check. This check will show any unspent criminal convictions that you may have.

Standard Check – A Standard DBS check is an in-depth background check which is more comprehensive than a Basic Check, revealing a more in-depth report. A Standard Check will show unspent and spent convictions, as well as any cautions, warnings or reprimands.

Enhanced Check – An Enhanced DBS Check is the highest-level check and will show full details of a criminal record, including cautions, warnings, reprimands, as well as spent and unspent convictions. It will also search the children and vulnerable adults barred list to see if the applicant is prohibited from working with these groups.

How does CBS contact my previous employer?

We contact your previous employer by telephone and email.

I have submitted my application, but I have provided information that is incorrect. How do I change this on my application form?

Once your application has been submitted, no changes can be made. However, if you would like to send us an email on cbsreferencingteam@cbscreening.co.uk, we can update your application.

Is CBS a UK based company?

Yes, we are based in South Wales.

Can I complete my application form in paper form?

No, unfortunately not. All of our processes are online only so we cannot accept a paper-based application form.

What are the opening hours for CBS?

CBS can be contacted via telephone from Monday to Friday 08:30 – 17:30 by using this number: 01443799900.

I live internationally and cannot call at CBS’ opening hours. How do I get in contact?

We can also be contacted via email at cbsreferencingteam@cbscreening.co.uk or by using the above number outside of our opening hours and leaving a voice message.



Need Further Help?

If you have any further queries, which are not covered in the above questions, please don’t hesitate in contacting us via telephone or email.

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