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How did you hear about CBS?

CBS specialise in creating inexpensive industryspecific solutions and we relished in the opportunity to create a purpose-built tool for a universities that wanted to be at the forefront of a modern robust safeguarding solution. To find out more about our UniPro Solution or to chat with one of our team, please get in touch today.  We’re eager to explore how this solution will enhance your current DBS processes.


Our UniPro tool was created by demand following the actions of a wellrespected UK University that went to the market looking for a better solution to support their Safeguarding and DBS requirements. They identified that existing potential systems offered no ability to customise their solutions or address extensive in-house resources needed to manage all of their individual processes.  

This bespoke solution was created to remove the administrative burdens faced by Student & Staff Administrators. It has significantly changed the way Universities work to manage their safeguarding needs by ensuring the automation of processes, standardising the way of working, and creating consistent confidence in determining the suitability of students to work with the most vulnerable in society.

The eBulk UniPro tool will: 

  • Manage all levels of DBS applications, as well as PVG and Access NI.
  • Manage the annual subscriptions to the Update Service and where required run, additional status checks on a quarterly basis to ensure there is no change to the individual’s criminal histor.
  • Allow bulk creation of DBS applications.
  • Provide branding options, customisable notifications and reminder services.
  • Allow the applicants to track their certificates and reduce the administrative burden on the admissions team.
  • Provide a unique ID validation process for international students.
  • Provides a simpler ID validation check to be completed by nearly 1000 Post Office branches across the UK. 
  • Detects students and staff who have lived outside of the UK for more than 6 months and manage the automatic process to obtain an international criminal check from 196 countries across the world.
  • Provide unbeatable completion times allowing students into placements quicker.
  • Allow online payment by credit or debit cards.
  • Pre-determined job matrix.
  • Will soon offer Right to Work & Online ID Checks.


CBS has invested heavily in the creation of the eBulk UniPro tool as we believe that the needs of many Universities & large education establishments were potentially being overlooked. We have since worked alongside various Universities who have helped shape the solution into what it is today.  By investing our own time and money, along with the support of our industry clients, we have successfully created a bespoke solution that can now exist as an ‘off the shelf’ product at a fraction of the price.  

If you would like to chat about this solution and the potential benefits it could bring to your organisation please get in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you and potentially working with you to resolve your safeguarding needs.  


University Case Study

The eBulk Uni-Pro tool has already been implemented into a major university! Since its implementation, it has achieved unprecedented success in streamlining all of the campus’ background checking needs and has improved its workflow efficiency significantly.

Quote - Rachel Bedgood - CEO

“When tendering for a contract a University contract in 2020, we quickly identified that these organisations had very specific requirements embedded into their safeguarding processes, that were not being managed by typical ‘off the shelf’ DBS solutions.  A great deal of manual work was being undertaken by internal staff as the current systems offer no customisable or bespoke solutions to automate and manage critical safeguarding tasks.  The Admissions Teams and support staff were seeing huge challenges in managing workload and resources.  We set out to create a bespoke solution that specifically focused on automating much of the daily tasks, as well as introducing new safeguarding features that enhanced the user experience and the level of resources required to support the overall system.”

Quote - Cerys Conway - DBS Manager

“Introducing this solution was a relatively straight forward process for CBS as we have worked within the education sector for many years.  The difference here is that we stopped trying to adjust our existing solutions to meet the universities needs, and allowed them to re-write the script on how best their processes should be managed for them.  They had the knowledge, we simply took the time to listen and create”.