15 Years of CBS…And 15 things worth celebrating!

This month, CBS turns 15! We are so happy to reach this landmark and are proud of all we’ve achieved over the last 5475 days. We thought amidst all the bad news of Coronavirus, now would be a good time to share some good news, so we’ve worked hard at narrowing our list down, and here are 15 things we’re proud of at CBS!

1) We are the Biggest Employment Screening Company and Largest DBS provider in the Country

At CBS, we are processing over a million individual screening checks per year. We LOVE being involved in such a critical role; getting the right people into the right roles, whilst protecting and caring for the most vulnerable in our society. The scale of our work is vast, as we work with companies in every corner of the UK and beyond, and we count it a privilege to work with so many outstanding organisations, from small local companies through to multi-national bluechips and global giants.  We know that the service we provide is potentially life changing and life saving to those who need it the most.

2) We Constantly Learn, Develop and Improve

Let’s not beat around the bush; the current climate is difficult for everyone and many companies won’t survive. At CBS, however we’ve learned how to exist such that we will weather this storm. We were created prior to the last recession and thrived through it. These seasons give us the perfect opportunity to come up with new ideas and innovate so that we can continue to push onwards and upwards. We have substantial reserves in place so we are ready for however this affects us, and our disaster recovery and business continuity plans mean we are fully functional and delivering across the board for clients all over the world.We believe in innovation. When everyone is saying “sit tight and just keep plodding along”, at CBS we are increasing efforts, identifying new opportunities and ensuring we further add to our solid foundations.  This is not the time to be stagnant and we will continue to build on our successes and flourish to ensure an even brighter future.We remain strong, healthy and profitable.

3) Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our environmental conscience and commitment is bold and we are on track to meet our goal of becoming carbon neutral! We have been inspected and awarded certification demonstrating our green and eco values. This is through our commitment to ethical trading, environment action and community involvement. It’s not always easy, but it’s important. There are a whole load of things we’re doing to fulfil this value, including reducing our paper waste by 400%, prohibiting single use materials in the workplace and selecting eco-friendly options when refitting our fancy offices (upcycled furniture, LED lighting, removal of gas radiators, ergonomic carpets etc). You can read more about our eco efforts here:

4) Our Values: Integrity | Smart | Planning | Accountability| Respect | Commitment | Kindness

These are not just seven meaningless words; they underpin everything that we do. They weren’t just prescribed by our CEO; staff worked together to build these values to describe what we embody and we behave.CBS’ values mean we all have clear expectations regardless of the task we face. Whether we are screening senior managers, running DBS checks, making a cup of tea or speaking with clients, these values are seven things we are living by.

5) Mergers and Acquisitions

Sadly, over the last few years, we’ve had some calls from companies letting us know they are ceasing trading. In the past, we would have offered sympathy and moved on. However, a change in mindset and the strength of CBS means we can now provide a strong hand to pull these businesses through and thrive together. Where there is synergy and we can create something positive together, we will look to work with struggling businesses. We recently took a call from a business in the Care Sector who planned to cease trading on the Friday. Rather than accept this, we took over the organisation and worked with them to sustain their reputation, maintain legacies, integrate seamlessly and ensure a smooth handover of all of its customer. And it works! CBS is always on the lookout for new opportunities to further enhance the business and its service offering.

6) We have developed a unique ‘COVID-19 Safeguarding Response Team’

When faced with the chaos of Coronavirus, instead of panicking, we reacted by creating a taskforce dedicated to supporting the challenges being faced in the frontline and by our clients. Our skilled Taskforce is made up of a team of experts who are able to manage and rapidly implement safeguarding processes to bolster the frontline staff working with the most vulnerable in our society. CBS doesn’t shy away from challenge, and we count it a privilege to be doing our bit in this climate, screening and returning staff to work at the Nightingale hospitals. We are proud to be currently submitting the highest percentage of checks relating to COVID-19 and getting the right workers, into the right roles quickly.

7) Our Strong Charity Values

There’s no point in success if you can’t share it, and we count it a joy to be working with a range of charities, and giving something back to the community. We never just want to write cheques and maintain our distance…though of course we do make generous donations. Instead, we also believe in standing shoulder to shoulder with these charities, committed to giving so much more than cash. We share our office and facilities with local groups for entertainment and learning, welcome work experience students from Young Carer Groups,  support Keep Britain Tidy on litter picks, run poppy collections for the British Legion, provide volunteers and finance for local community groups, collect bras for the Uganda Bra Appeal, work with Women’s Aid and so much more. Life is so much richer when you’re giving back, and it’s a crucial part of the DNA at CBS.

8) Our Social Values

It’s no secret that CBS is currently made up of a team of strong, brilliant women! When we first started the business in our CEO’s home village of Ynysybwl, an area in the South Wales valleys, we recognised the high rates of social-economic deprivation and unemployment. We identified that many single mothers who longed for a professional career were sacrificing family life by having to travel to the bigger cities or conversely sacrifice their careers by accepting a perceived less professional role. We have been able to build a safe and motivational haven for these women, creating a dynamic place for them to nurture and flourish in family and in work. We promote flexible working and understand the pressures on all parents in modern society. We are committed to building a business that allows individuals to thrive in every area of their lives!

9) Our Workforce

You won’t get a job at CBS because your CV says you’re the best candidate. Fact.Instead, our recruitment processes are based on behaviour and alignment to our values. There is absolutely no point in us having a team of people who on paper should be good at their jobs, but in reality have no buy in to our ethos, values and culture. We have hundreds of applicants to each position we advertise at CBS. Getting the right people is critical. And we absolutely love our method of working with raw talent, to see home grown candidates coming through the ranks here.Recently, we have promoted Amy to the role of Referencing Manager. She started at CBS over 3 years ago with significant customer service experience…as a hairdresser! But had never worked an office job before. Over her time at CBS, Amy has worked in each of the Referencing Team roles, she knows the jobs inside out and has grown and developed until she was ready to manage the team. And we are so proud of her!Our Operations Manager started with us many years ago as a part time administrator after another employee suggested she would be good for us. Sarah has come through the ranks and now runs the whole operation for us! And Sarah Nicholls, the Manager of our Accounts Department, met our CEO as she worked at a children’s birthday party…She started at CBS about 5 years ago doing accounts and we’ve supported her to become AAT Qualified. She’s now studying to become Chartered!We believe in our people. We work with them, invest in them, grow and develop them to achieve all they are capable of and more! We are committed to them, beyond what they can do for CBS as an organisation, and our incredible high rates of staff retention are a testimony to the commitment our staff also have towards us

10) Staff Health and Wellbeing

Our workforce wouldn’t be who they are, without us looking out for each other and committing to health and wellbeing in the workplace. There are a lot of different things we do together to maintain a positive outlook, and one of our favourite activities is our weekly walk with Fresh Air Fridays. The team at CBS aren’t just cogs in a wheel. And so taking everyone away from their desks to enjoy nature and get some fresh air is a crucial part of our weeks that everybody enjoys.  It teaches us to value ourselves, improve our communication skills and generally learn to be keep our minds healthy.We have a lot of fun together, with various sports and social events outside work, as well as entertaining slots in the working week to spread some cheer. The Fun 15 is a weekly slot where a team member challenges colleagues to something fun and usually ends up in fits of laughter resounding throughout our building! Plus our pool table means that colleagues can settle any disagreements with a game! We also recognise that mental health challenges are prevalent in society today and are committed to investing in the CBS team to promote positive mental wellbeing. We believe in having an impact beyond the workplace and want to make life better for the whole team. CBS has invested in mindfulness training and supporting people with their emotional wellbeing, so staff are nurtured and cared for beyond what is expected of an employer. And the reality is, our 0.08% sickness rate and the fact that 78% of staff members have not taken one day’s sick leave in the past 12 months, mean that our investment in them is working. The team are happier, healthier and flourishing.

11) We Believe in Partnerships

We know who we are and what we’re good at. We’re also very happy to admit where there are gaps in our skillset and that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel! That’s not weakness, it’s strength. We’re experts in background screening and safeguarding, that’s our job! That’s why we work hard at building successful partnerships with experts, bringing people together to create things that work for CBS. We are committed to using the best people in their fields, to partner with us to build together. We are confident in who we are, and where we need further back up from other expertise. Like our software provider, Trivex Systems, who work exclusively with us providing  smart and sustainable solutions that continually revolutionise our industry and safeguarding service we offer.

12) We recognize an Investment in Training and Development is Critical to our Growth

We are Investors in People accredited and believe in the ongoing training and development of our workforce. We run a full and robust induction program, so that immediately staff have the tools to feel supported and confident in their roles at CBS.We are also NSI approved, giving the reassurance and peace of mind that our clients are getting the best service available in the market. Not to mention our systems and processes are accredited to ISO 27701 for Data Security and ISO 22301 for Business Continuity and Contingency planning.

13) We believe in Joint Ventures and Partnerships Across the Globe

Working with others is key to the success of CBS. Through joint ventures & solid partnerships CBS is enabled to sit as a wholesale provider to organisations’ of influence, already selling services to mass markets.  Our current annual turnover of £7m will continue to steadily grow and we hope to see this double within the next two years.We recognise that partnering with other organisations extends our reach and enables us to work globally. In recent years, we have formed partnerships with US based companies as well as building affiliations with European based companies, meaning CBS is fast becoming a leading provider on an international scale. We have also integrated our technologies with global screening leaders who in turn resell our products across the world.  Partnerships remain critical to our success and growth.

14) Our Ability to Make Processes Robust and Streamline

One of our greatest strengths at CBS, is our ability problem solve. We are able to quickly recognise weaknesses or potential pitfalls and create robust, sustainable solutions to ensure continuity and success for all involved. We work tirelessly to ensure that all of our processes are smooth, slick and intentional. We work hard at maintaining efficiency and one of the reasons we have been as successful as we are, is because we haven’t been afraid to admit where improvements are needed, cut out unnecessary processes and rebuild for success.  Our culture at CBS is to continually improve, always get better, identify the smallest of enhancements. A continuation of tightening the bolts means that we stand strong to weather any storms

15) Our CEO

She’s not writing this so we can take the opportunity to say how proud we are of our CEO! It’s a joy to work for Rachel, and without her drive, skills and commitment to our values, CBS wouldn’t be where it is, or have the bright future ahead that we have. Over the years, Rachel has been recognized on countless occasions as being an incredible business woman, achieving a whole host of awards and securing her rank as a business leader. She’s leads CBS with wisdom, intelligence and ambition, and invests in each of us as individuals. Each of us know that we are valued team members, and she is committed to us and our goals. We love to work for her! Here’s what our Operations Manager Sarah Lloyd has to say:

“Your leadership skills, support makes it easy for me to manage our great team. I am proud to have learned so much from you! Thank you for guiding me professionally and personally; I am forever grateful of your support. You are a true inspiration”

And she really is!

As you can see the first 15 years have been great and we have so much to be proud of. We’ve barely scratched the surface here, and can’t wait to keep building on all this over the next 15 years!

If you’d like to hear more about anything from the last 15 years, or want to work with us in the next 15, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01443 799900 or email info@cbscreening.co.uk. We would love to hear from you!




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