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We’ve built a reputation on making the complicated ‘simple’. The entire service can be carried out online – CBS knows that enhanced DBS checks are an annoyance, so we’ve streamlined the process to make it easier for all involved. If you want to know more, or if your staff or potential employees require an enhanced criminal record check, get in touch today. Or click below to register your interest.


What is an Enhanced Disclosure?

An Enhanced Disclosure (like the Standard Disclosure) details all criminal history; cautions, warnings, reprimands, spent and unspent convictions held on the Police National Computer, with the exception of the DBS filtering rule.

Additionally, it checks against the DBS Children and Adult barred list (where appropriate) and information provided by local police forces. This type of disclosure can only be applied for by an organisation.

When Do You Need an Enhanced Disclosure?

As with a Standard Disclosure, Enhanced Disclosures are for people entering certain professions and can only be accessed if the employees of an organisation meet the criteria. These checks are commonly used for the purpose of protecting the most vulnerable in our society, whereby a person has frequent unsupervised access to vulnerable people.

What Does an Enhanced DBS Check Show?

What an Enhanced DBS Check Shows

Who can have an Enhanced Disclosure?

The Enhanced Disclosure can be considered for many roles where an individual works or has access to vulnerable people. The Enhanced Disclosure and Barred List checks are for individuals who are involved within a Regulated Activity – therefore involving contact with children or vulnerable adults of a specified nature. As part of an Enhanced DBS check, a further check can be undertaken against the DBS Children Barred List, the DBS Adult Barred List or both – depending on the role of the individual and whether you are legally entitled to check this list.

Who can access this level of check?

Enhanced level criminal checks can only be accessed in line with legislation. Depending on the role of an individual will determine if an employer or voluntary organisation can legally request a DBS check. Simply by having contact with children or vulnerable adults does not in any way meet the legal criteria to access this disclosure. There is a great deal of legislation to understand with DBS checks, however, this can be simply broken down into two categories:

Working with children
If a person has frequent unsupervised access to children or works frequently within education environments, it is likely an enhanced DBS check and children a barred list can be requested.

Working with vulnerable adults
If the law supports the individual to be deemed vulnerable, then the applicant requiring the enhanced DBS check must be able to evidence the care or support they are providing, e.g. (e.g. training, teaching, care, supervision, advice, medical treatment or, in certain circumstances, transport)

Criminal information in the UK is protected. CBS ensure that only those eligible to do so may perform enhanced level DBS checks.

If you aren’t sure whether you require an DBS Enhanced Check, we can advise you on this – one of our expert team would be happy to help, so get your enhanced DBS check online quickly and easily today.


Our streamlined system makes it easier and faster than ever before for your organisation to access a criminal disclosure on current and future employees. Plus, our entire screening process can be carried out online, eliminating time, cost and resources – giving you up-to-date screening methods in a matter of days.

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