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Employers face difficult challenges and need confidence in their recruitment and screening processes.

Our unique eScreening online solution allows our clients the option to create their own bespoke screening packages, tailored to their needs and the ability to manage the entire process through a smart and easy to use online platform. Our comprehensive screening capabilities allow us to manage this service for small enterprises through to multinational organisations in the UK and overseas.

In addition to creating packages for new employees, we offer a reScreening programme to continually confirm the suitability of individuals you employ and that your organisation meets industry compliance standards.  The process can be repeated at intervals suited to your organisation. Some customers opt to rescreen staff annually, however this can be set to your own frequency.  We will work closely with your recruitment teams to implement this process and determine the level of rescreening for each employee dependent on their position/seniority.

If you’d like to learn more about our Custom Screening Service please contact us today on 01443 799 900 or email one of our expert team would be happy to help.



A white label service tailored to your organisation allowing you to manage a multitude of offices and departments with full management information and reporting suites.

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Our online solution allows clients to create their own screening packages, tailored to their needs. Through a smart and easy to use online platform the entire process is managed.

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