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Meet The CBS Team

CBS staff are a very committed and dedicated team that prides ourselves on having unrivalled experience in the screening sector with many being part of CBS since our humble beginnings. Based in rural South Wales, our team is naturally close-knit and works together in ways not often possible for larger and more urban companies. We know each other well, we know each other’s strengths and bond together as an excellent team.

We have supported some 20,000 customers with their referencing services over the last 10 years, many of whom have long term agreements with us, evidencing our capability of delivering high-quality services across the lifetime of a contract. Our combined strengths have created a fast-paced, dynamic team that is able to respond quickly to client requirements and demands.


The Senior Management Team will work closely with you to deliver your objectives. They have many years’ experience in the field and have supported a vast range of businesses over the years!