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With the constant growth of businesses expanding overseas, we have seen a marked increase in international background check queries. Now that many businesses are wanting talent from overseas and needing them vetted immediately, CBS has created a solution that works. Want to learn more? Register your interest.


CBS can provide answers to the challenge of overseas recruitment, whether through bulk checks or as a long-term wholesaler.

  • The first nationally approved supplier by the Disclosure and Barring Service to add multiple languages.
  • CBS is all about making the complicated easy, and this reflects in our forward-thinking service.
  • CBS has developed a network of international contacts that leave our cross-border service GDPR-compliant, safe and efficient.


At CBS, we’re a picky bunch when it comes to our partners, but this ensures that all of them are up to our customers’ standards. We’re proud of the network we’ve built up, which consistently gets results from an ever-growing number of EU and non-EU states.


“We have been extremely pleased and pleasantly surprised with how easy the system is to use.  Any changes that we have requested has been dealt with quickly. Rachel has been particularly helpful and is a great partner to work with.”

Bournemouth Borough Council


As with the rest of CBS’s services, our international background checks have free registration with a pay-as-you-go service. Rates will vary depending on the country in question.

Get in touch and register with CBS today to join an ever-growing network of people doing international checks right.

Why CBS?

As experts in our field, CBS provides you with a quick, efficient service tailored to your needs.