5 Reasons Why Screening Should Be a Part of Your Recruitment Process

Background screening is an integral part of any recruitment process and it should be a vital step when hiring a new employee. One of the aims of background screening is to ensure you have full confidence in your potential new hire. Hiring a new employee is an important investment and investing in the wrong people can have significant negative impact on your business.

People are central to every successful business and screening new employees allows you to make an evidence-based selection to ensure you hire the right person. It speeds up the recruitment process along with many other benefits, so in this blog post, we are going to look at 5 reasons why screening should be a part of your recruitment process:

1. Recruitment Efficiency

Including background screening into your recruitment process allows you to avoid choosing incorrect candidates and improve the quality of hire which will strengthen your recruitment process.

2. New Hire Potential & Fraud Prevention

More than half of applicants will lie on their job application or their CVs, meaning there is a risk of hiring a recipient who isn’t qualified for the role you are looking to fill. Background screening during your recruitment process allows you to confirm a candidate’s true potential and if they are a right fit for your business.

3. Security and Protecting your Business

Background screening of new employees protects the reputation of your business, enforces your security procedures, and protects your workforce. Screening also allows you to know who you are welcoming into your business, that you will be able to trust them, and it ensures that anyone you employ does not come along with any security issues that could harm your business and your workforce.

4. Low Employee Turnover

When a business has a high turnover of employees, it can cost the business significantly. You will end up having to spend more of your valuable time, money, and resources recruiting additional staff. Screening applications beforehand, ensures you will hire the correct person for the role, which increases the chances that they will stay employed long term.

5. Minimise Disruption

Recruitment causes disruption to normal business operations as it can take focus from your usual activity. Outsourcing background screening through the recruitment process can help minimise disruption and streamline your recruitment process.

Here at CBS, we can help you manage the risks in recruitment that will allow you to employ the right people for the right roles. We offer a range of screening services that can work alongside your recruitment process. Our screening services are completely customisable, meaning we can meet your business’ needs no matter the role you are recruiting for!

Interested in our screening services? Give us a call today on 01443 799900 or email us at info@cbscreening.co.uk. We would love to discuss your screening options with you. 

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