Our Business Values and What They Mean to Us

Here at CBS, our values are at the centre of our business and without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We chose them as a team and they define who we are as a business, underpinning everything we do.

The 7 core values we live by at CBS are:
• Integrity
• Smart
• Planning
• Accountability
• Respect
• Commitment
• Kindness

These core business values are extremely important to us. They support our company goals and allow us to work towards them, shaping our culture and allowing us to provide an excellent service to our clients. This is why they are so important to each and every one of us, but why have we chosen these specific core values, and why are they at the core of CBS?


Integrity shows our strong moral code of conduct. Integrity builds trust, and trust is vital within the business between co-workers and with our clients. Integrity means we will always offer a consistent service, be open and honest with our clients and provide a trustworthy and transparent service.


Working smart means we work intelligently and are constantly looking at more creative ways of working. We review and assess the field to evolve our business and ensure we are always providing the best services for our clients. There are always changes in the background screening sector and as a business we work to stay up to date, guaranteeing the information and advice we provide is above and beyond.


Planning helps us clarify goals, where we’re heading, and how we will grow. It is paramount to CBS’ continuous improvement and growth! Planning allows us to manage our time efficiently and allocate our resources to provide the best service possible to our clients.


We are responsible for our actions and our results. Accountability as a business value means that here at CBS, we ALWAYS take ownership of our work. Accountability shows our clients that will ALWAYS accept responsibility for projects we work on and any task we complete.

As a team, we recognise mistakes are opportunities to learn, develop and improve, and holding ourselves accountable means we capitalise on the opportunities and grow.


Respect as a core value lays a solid foundation for a healthy work environment. It increases productivity and ensures high-quality work and efficiency. Respect between colleagues allows for strong working partnerships from which we can deliver with excellence.

This value is extended outside of our workplace to our clients and suppliers. It is critical to our excellent customer service and means we listen and give the time and attention required to go above and beyond in what we deliver.


We are always 100% committed to our clients and we are always committed to the service we provide. Our commitment shows our passion and enthusiasm for what we do! Commitment being one of our core business values ensures we succeed and also succeed on behalf of our clients. At CBS, we are committed to our work and committed to reaching the ambitious goals we have set: together.


Kindness makes for a happy workforce as it creates a ripple effect of happiness in the workplace. Kindness increases employee commitment and client retention. We always pride ourselves on our office environment and how we have respect for one another.  With kindness as a core value of the business, we create an environment for colleagues and customers alike to flourish meeting their personal goals with success.

If you want to know more about how our core values can help your business, contact us today on 01443 799900 or email us at info@cbscreening.co.uk. 

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