Why are BPSS checks needed?

BPSS checks (Baseline Personnel Security Standard) are essential for reducing the risk of illegal workers, identity fraud, and to protect national security.

They are a standard of security clearance checks that are typically used in the UK to assess an individual’s suitability to access sensitive information or environments for their job role. BPSS checks are typically for those working in roles that need access to classified information, government documents and other sensitive information.

There are 4 main components that make up a BPSS check:

  1. ID Verification:

    ID verification involves verifying official identity documents such as driving licenses, birth certificated and passports to confirm the identity of individuals.

  2. Criminal Record Checks:

    This check is normally carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service in the UK as they provide access to criminal records. These checks will identify any previous convictions or any ongoing criminal record proceedings.

  3. Employment History:

    This verifies that an individual’s employment history is accurate. It will confirm the history they have provided is correct, and check for any gaps in employment that were not shared.

  4. Security Questionnaire:

    Anyone going through a BPSS check will need to complete a security questionnaire. This questionnaire will include questions about their personal background, financial situation, and any other relevant questions to assess their integrity.

BPSS checks are the typically the baseline level of security check that is required for those who work in lower-level security positions. However, it is important to note that BPSS checks may vary depending on the company, organisation or government department that is performing the check.

Why are BPSS checks needed?


BPSS checks are needed as they assess integrity and protect the security of sensitive assets. They help with risk mitigation, along with ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory compliance. They can also help with:

  1. Protecting National Security:

    BPSS checks can help to identify potential risks with anyone who may have access to sensitive information and access to secure areas. The checks help protect national security by ensuring only individuals with granted and approved access can view sensitive information.

  2. Safeguarding Sensitive Data:

    For any organisation handling sensitive data, BPSS checks are vital. BPSS checks help prevent against any unnecessary access and misuse of sensitive data.

  3. Preventing Insider Threats:

    BPSS checks can be a vital step in preventing and mitigating insider threats. BPSS checks evaluate an individual’s background, including their criminal. They identify potential indicators of insider threats and prompt appropriate measures.

  4. Trust and Confidence:

    By performing robust security clearance processes like BPSS checks, organisations demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a secure environment and protecting sensitive information. This builds trust and confidence among employees and the public.

But what happens if a business avoids a BPSS check?


Avoiding and neglecting BPSS checks can have many negative impacts on a business. Avoiding these checks can increase the risks of security breaches, increase the risk of breaking legal and regulatory requirements, it can cause damage to an organisation’s reputation which will cause loss of business.

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