The Latest CBS News: What Did We Get Up to This Spring?

The new financial year is a busy time for many organisations, and we’re no exception. Over the last few weeks and months, the CBS team have been very busy improving services, upgrading our premises, and well… growing. So, we wanted to put fingers to keyboard and tell you all about our exciting updates.

Check out the first in our new series of CBS updates below.


We’ve Moved into Our Shiny New Office


It has been a few months in the making but, at the start of the year, we finally moved into our swanky new office which has been extensively refurbished. With a large break-out room, two-story living wall, and a huge open plan work-space, it provides the perfect location for our growing company.

We held an open evening to celebrate and, with a glass of fizz and the company of our friends and families, it was a great night to mark the start of many years to come in our new CBS home.


We’ve Won Several Big Tenders

We’re very pleased to say our dedication to providing clients with a timely, high-quality service has paid off and we have won several large tenders over the last few months. This has allowed us to secure some much-valued customers for another four years, and we also look forward to working closely with a number of new local authorities.


We’ve Expanded the Team

With a much larger premises, we have the space to grow, and that is exactly what we’re doing. In fact, we have four new staff joining the team next week. Two will be joining our referencing team, and the others will become Key Account Managers.

Stay tuned to hear all about them and how they’ll be helping to maintain our high standards of employment screening services.

However, it’s not just new faces who are starting new positions here at CBS. Sarah Lloyd has now officially been appointed Operations Manager!


We’ve Updated Our NSI Accreditation

We have yet again renewed our annual membership to the NSI (National Security Inspectorate) and remain an NSI silver accredited organisation.

Learn about this accreditation and what it means for you in our post: CBS’ BS7858 Services Achieve Silver Status Accreditation from the NSI


We’ve Enhanced Our eScreening Offering


Since CBS became accredited by the NSI, we have made changes to our screening processing to make it exceptionally robust and have removed all margins for error to ensure we and our clients are compliant.

However, this had a knock-on effect. In doing so, we took away from some of the core elements of support and care CBS have exuded. To counter this, over the last few months, CBS has been listening to our eScreening customers and learning more about the type of service you want to receive.

You’ve said that you would like to make the screening process as easy as possible, with a simple, straight-forward system that takes the burden away from the employer.

Creating the right balance to meet each of these tasks is a challenge, but we’re making great inroads. Below is a list of the things we’re implementing right now:

  1. We have a solution that offers the applicant an ability to delay contacting their current employer. This mainly affects regulated screening packages, but if you would like this function then please let us know.
  2. We are introducing a new step within the pre-check that allows CBS to make any necessary changes to the application form, rather than relying on you or the applicant having to do it.


Like all organisations, we have processes to tweak and further enhancements to make, but your feedback is always welcome.


To find out more about our eScreening services, browse our site or get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team. Your screening is in safe hands with us.

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