Work in construction? Then DBS checks are for you!

The construction sector and DBS checks is not something you normally think of together. However, DBS checks of construction workers is something that can actually be beneficial.

There isn’t a legal requirement for DBS checks of construction workers, however it is good practice for any organisation and business to background check their staff. This also applies to the construction sector and can be incredibly helpful for safeguarding your staff and clients. Some organisations may wish to run basic level DBS checks across their workforce and undertaking these DBS checks demonstrates that you are taking the best steps to safeguard your employees, your organisation, the public and clients you deal with.

The level of DBS checks construction workers will be eligible for depends on where they will be working and how often they will be there. All staff in construction are eligible for a basic DBS check. However, if any construction worker is based in an environment with vulnerable individuals such as children or the elderly, then an Enhanced DBS check will be required. This level of vetting became a statutory requirement in 1974 to ensure those that are vulnerable are protected.

So what do you need and when?

Schools are subject to their own safeguarding measures and these may vary in relation to construction workers on site. However, if any construction worker is on a school premises 3 or more times over a 30-day period while children are present, an enhanced DBS check is required. By contrast, if they are working during school holidays, only a basic DBS check is needed.

Care Homes
Similarly, to schools, care homes are subject to their own safeguarding measures due to the vulnerable elderly residents that live there. So, anyone working within a care home will require a DBS check and will require an enhanced DBS check if they are there 3 more times over a 30-day period.

If any construction worker is working in a hospital, the level of DBS check needed will depend on which part of the hospital they are based at. If the work being carried out will mean they have access to patients, then a higher DBS check will be required. However, if they are working in a reception area where contact or being around incoming patients is out of their control, then even a basic DBS check may not be needed.

Well why CBS?

Let us help you get the right people, in the right roles, faster.

DBS checks are beneficial for businesses, and choosing CBS will make your life easier.  Our DBS Team supports organisations daily to help manage their processes and DBS checks in order create a safe environment. We manage the full process allowing you to keep doing what you do best! Whether a basic or enhanced DBS check is needed, working with CBS allows you the peace of mind that you can easily meet and manage any requirements.

We also offer BPSS checks to those who work in the construction sector, as all civil servants, armed forces, government contractors and temporary staff all require a BPSS check. BPSS checks (Baseline Personnel Security Standard) are essential for reducing the risk of illegal workers, identity fraud, and so much more. Our BPSS check package is made up of four parts that checks an employee’s right to work, identity, criminal records, and employment history.

If you are unsure what type of check your employees need, a member of our team would be happy to advise you on this with no obligation. One of our experts is always on hand to help you safeguard your organisation. Contact us on 01443 799900 or email us at info@cbscreening.co.uk to find out more.

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