Do I Need A DBS Check to Volunteer in a School?

If your children are in school and you’re looking to help out at a fete, volunteer to supervise a weekly afterschool club or go on a trip with the class, have you considered whether you’ll need a DBS check to volunteer in a school?

We get plenty of questions each week from individuals wondering do you need a DBS check to volunteer in a school? And the answer? Maybe.

Screening School Volunteers

Whether you are required to have a DBS check or not depends on whether you will have regulated activity with a child (find out more about regulated activity here) and how often you will be volunteering.

If you will be volunteering at a school once a week or more, on 4 days within any 30-day period or overnight, you will be expected to agree to an Enhanced DBS Check. However, if you will be volunteering for a one-off event, checks are at the school’s discretion.

There are some exceptions where you will also have to have an enhanced DBS check and the barred list should be consulted. These include, if you will be helping an ill or disabled child eat or drink, go to the toilet, wash or dress, and if you will be providing health care to children.

If you will have unsupervised contact with children for any period of time you will also be required to have your name checked against the barred list to make sure you haven’t been banned from working with young people or children.

Volunteers who will be communicating with children by telephone or internet on a regular basis will also need these in-depth checks.

Free Volunteer Checks for School Volunteers

The good news is, even if you are required to have a DBS check, it will be completely free! As long as you do not directly benefit from the volunteer position, the cost of a DBS check will be void and you will only have to pay the administrative fee

The DBS define a volunteer according to the Police Act 1997 (criminal records) Regulations 2002. This states a volunteer is:

‘Any person engaged in an activity which involves spending, unpaid (except for travel and other approved out-of-pocket expenses), doing something which aims to benefit some third party and not a close relative.’

As long as none of the below apply, there will be no charge:

  • You will receive payment for your time.
  • You’ll be on a work placement.
  • You are required to volunteer as part of a college, university or work training course.
  • You have been offered a trainee job role with guaranteed full time work or a qualification.

So, if you are a parent helper at a school, will be helping out after class at a club, such as scouts, or will be going on a trip, you may need a free-of-charge enhanced DBS check. But not to worry, here at CBScreening we offer quick and reliable school DBS checks which your school can request at a click of a button.

We want to help you do a good thing and volunteer with as little hassle as possible. So, get in touch with our friendly team today,

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