5 Reasons You Should Subscribe to the Update Service

The DBS Update Service is a crucial service for employers and individuals. It allows records to be kept constantly up to date, any changes to criminal history are logged instantly, leaving employers less vulnerable and saving candidates the stress (and time) of applying for new DBS checks. The update service works by performing regular checks on an individual’s criminal history without the need to undertake further criminal checks.

The update service is a tool to be utilised because:

  1. This check is able to check a person’s criminal disclosure certificate as frequent as is required by the employer.
  2. Here at CBS, we can also provide real time notifications and alerts if an individual’s criminal record recently has changed.
  3. This unique tool enables employers to proactively manage, safeguard and protect their reputation, whilst saving on administration costs.
  4. This service will allow individuals to quickly obtain a certificate for their employer thus potentially speeding up the recruitment process. Individuals will also be able to use their criminal disclosure for other roles or future employment.
  5. Individuals are able to save time and hassle; organisations are able to proactively safeguard their organisation from as little as £16 per year.


So many individuals and organisations are being proactive and taking advantage of this tool. 1 million subscribers have signed up since the update service was launched.

Overall the number of requests for a subscription to be renewed received by the DBS increased month on month in total by 191% between January 2015 and January 2017.

In 2014, 10,339 disclosure certificates linked to the Update Service contained 38,736 printed cautions or convictions. By 2016, over double the amount of disclosure certificates (22,694) linked to the Update Service contained 90,398 printed cautions or convictions.

For more information or to find out how to register please visit our website or call us today on 01443 799900

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