Get to Know the CBS Team!

The CBS staff are a committed and dedicated team who pride themselves on their extensive experience in the screening sector…They love working with you, so in this blog post we wanted to introduce some of our fantastic staff members and what they do here at CBS!

Leah Powell – Senior Screening Officer

Leah has been with us for 6 and a half years. Her main role is overseeing the data sourcing team, who are responsible for quality checking and processing all applications received by the referencing team. This team currently processes more than 1000 individual checks every week which keeps Leah and her team extremely busy!

Here is what she had to say about working at CBS:

What you like most about working at CBS: I like that every day is different! Every day I learn something new; I get to develop myself and progress further. I enjoy speaking with our clients and helping to meet their needs.

What are your hopes for the future: I would like to further progress in my career at CBS and own my own home.

What makes CBS great? In my opinion CBS is a great place to work and to be a part of the team. Our managers and CEO are always trying to bring out the best in us and show us with some hard work and dedication we can achieve what we want in life. CBS also gives us great opportunities to develop our careers, as well as helping us outside of work to better our personal lives. The company offers amazing rewards and has a family feel where we are always here to support one another. Since working at CBS I have developed and grown so much as a person, which has all been positive and it’s all down to working in an environment that nurtures its staff.

Outside of her work at CBS, Leah likes to keep fit by spending her spare time in the gym, taking part in running, weightlifting and CrossFit style workouts. She enjoys going to the cinemas and attending live music concerts. Leah also enjoys reading to further extend her knowledge.

Lucy Arnold-Jones – Screening Officer

Lucy has been with us since May 2019.  Her job as a Screening Officer involves taking care of all the administrative aspects of the referencing team, which includes data sourcing, chasing references, customer service and compliance. She is responsible for ensuring the customised screening packages for each client are meticulously met, managed and maintained.

Here is what she had to say about working at CBS:

What you like most about working at CBS:  I like working in a team and how myself and my colleagues work together. I like how targets are set for us each month which helps to motivate me and achieve my goals.

What are your hopes for the future: My hopes for the future are to develop my skills and training as a senior team member and continue to grow within the company working towards a higher job role.

What makes CBS great? It’s great how my voice and opinions are always heard. I feel appreciated for the work that I do and enjoy coming to work each day.

When Lucy is not in the office, she spends a lot of her time with friends and family, shopping and keeping active!

Lucy Jones – Screening Officer

We have another Lucy Jones in the CBS office, who is also one of our Screening Officers. Lucy recently celebrated her 1-year anniversary with us, and we are hoping to celebrate many more. Her responsibilities as a Screening Officer include managing each application to ensure it complies with regulatory and legislative requirements, as well as providing key account management.

Here is what she had to say about working at CBS:

What you like most about working at CBS:  I love the great work ethics at CBS, the ability to learn new things, the teamwork and my fabulous colleagues.

What are your hopes for the future: I would like to expand and grow in my career, and have a happy and healthy life.

What makes CBS great? The working environment at CBS is amazing!! They offer plenty of new opportunities and always go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met; whether it’s in your personal life or in the job. CBS have excellent management that keeps you motivated and eager to work and learn new things.

Outside of CBS, Lucy enjoys eating out. She also enjoys socialising with her friends and family, and also keeping fit.

Sarah Nicholls – Finance Manager

Sarah is our Finance Manager who has been with CBS 7 years this September. Working closely with the senior managers and the CBS board, Sarah is responsible for all elements of the finance within CBS. Before Sarah joined CBS, she worked in the Transport Sector for 8 years with Vauxhall.

Here is what she had to say about working at CBS:

What you like most about working at CBS:  Having the opportunity to work in a role I love and that I’m passionate about.

What are your hopes for the future: Currently my future focus is to complete my CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) qualifications and progress further in my role at CBS.

What makes CBS great? CBS is great environment to work and invests time in developing and growing staff; not just focusing on the growth of the business.

Sarah is a mum to two amazing girls! So, when she is not here, she loves to spend quality time with her family. One of her favourite places to be is the beach! Sarah is also passionate about learning new things and as mentioned above, she has recently been given the amazing opportunity of becoming CIMA qualified at CBS.

Sarah Lloyd – Operations Manager

And last but certainly not least is Sarah, our Operations Manager who has been with us for 10 years this coming July! Sarah manages and oversees all aspects of operations at CBS; from planning, directing and coordinating operations, to improving the performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability of the company. Sarah’s role ensures that the processes and policies that are in place support the organisational goals, she also formulates and implements departmental policies and procedures to maximise the output here at CBS. Before Sarah joined us 10 years ago, she had previously worked in the insurance sector for 20 years.

Here is what she had to say about working at CBS:

What you like most about working at CBS:  My favourite part about my role is CBS’s awesome team! My role is very much focused around the team… we like to celebrate the wins and good news with each other on our weekly catchups. I manage, help, develop and motivate them so that they have all the support and tools needed to carry out their roles. It’s a pleasure to watch the teams adapt, learn, and conquer all the challenges they have faced.

What makes CBS great? CBS takes great pride in our team. We recruit new employees each year in line with our business growth. And we promote internal growth and development with our employees. All of CBS employees work hard and progress with us as the business grew

When Sarah is not in the office, she spends her time with her family and friends, going to long walks and enjoys meals out.

Without the amazing people behind the scenes at CBS, we wouldn’t be able to provide the services that we do. Like the staff we have highlighted today, the whole CBS team have and continue to work hard to support our customers and their screening needs. Over the past 17 years, we have supported some 30,000 customers, and none of this could be done without the amazing staff behind the scenes.

Our combined strengths have created a fast-paced, dynamic team that is able to respond quickly to client requirements and demands. We’re proud of who we are and all we achieve for our clients.

Do you want to know more about CBS and who we are? We’d love to introduce ourselves to you properly! Give us a call today on 01443 440080, or email us at info@cbsscreening.co.uk Click here for more information.

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