Get to Know the CEO of CBS!

We want you to get to know the CBS team, this month we spoke to Claire our Referencing Manager.

CEO, complete background screening

Rachel Bedgood, CEO

1. As the CEO what does your job involve?

I have worked hard to create CBS’ place within the market through innovative system design and outstanding service.  It’s my job to ensure we remain sustainable, as well as reaching our plan for continual growth. CBS has ambitious plans for the next five years and it’s my responsibility to ensure we strive to achieve our goals.





2. What task do you spend a majority of your day doing?

Most of my time is spent making sure everyone is happy.  This starts with our staff.  The CBS team are critical to our success.  They must continually feel valued and motivated.  Knowing the staff work to the best of their ability and strive to do a great job ensures our customers receive the outstanding level of service they have come to expect from us.

3.What part of your job do you enjoy most?

Solving problems.  For some organisations it’s sometimes difficult for them to implement quick robust solutions to meet major headaches they face within their processes.  We’re all about simplifying problems, understanding the issues and finding a prompt solution.  We work extremely closely with our customers and they know we are only a phone call away to help resolve any issues that arise and discuss opportunities to make our services and systems continually better.

4.What is your least  favourite part of your job?

Making tea and coffee for everyone.  I can never remember who has what and there’s never enough water in the kettle. I secretly wait until someone else has made a round and then sneak down to the kitchen, shouting on my way ‘anyone want a cuppa’, knowing full well they are all stocked up! ?

5.What would make your job easier?

A magic wand

6.What is your favorite film and why?

I’m not much a film buff but I do like listening to audiobooks that help me become better.  Better at leading, better at management and generally a better person all round.

7.What do you like to do in your spare time?

Holidays are a must!  With two young children, I don’t tend to have particularly cultured holidays or city breaks as we are always within a stone throw of a water park ? but it is absolutely vital that I make sure my family reap the rewards of my hard work and most importantly my time.

8.What do you like about working for CBS?

I like that we care.  I like that we genuinely come to work every day wanting to be better and wanting to make things better for others.  I like that we stand shoulder to shoulder as a team and also with our clients.  Our will to be better is sewn within our culture and it makes our work environment a very positive place to be!



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