CBS’ BS7858 Services Achieve Silver Status Accreditation from the NSI

We’re proud to announce that at the end of 2018, CBS achieved NSI silver status accreditation! Find out what this means for our customers here.

What is the NSI Silver Status Accreditation?

The National Security Inspectorate’s (NSI) silver certification is a badge of approval to show an organisation has met sector-specific standards. It is designed to ‘encourage the improvement of standards as companies grow in size and expand their skills base into additional areas’.

The NSI’s standards are a code of best practice which is updated periodically to ensure accredited companies are competent and in line with the latest practice. It is currently run in compliance with ISO/IEC 17021-1 (Management Systems Certification) and ISO/IEC 17065 (Product certification).

CBS has achieved this accreditation for our BS7858 screening services.

What Does This Mean for You?

The NSI standard is a trusted measure, therefore can provide reassurances that we are a trusted and reputable service provider.

NSI silver status is awarded only to businesses who consistently meet NSI standards. Silver businesses are regularly audited by the NSI to monitor compliance with standards, and that these are displayed on the company’s certificate of approval. If standards drop, this is documented. If amendments are not made, NSI Approval can be revoked as a result.

Our accreditation means we provide a high level of staff training and supervision to industry best practice standards, are comprehensively insured to protect customers and staff, and meet all relevant British Standards.

So, if you require BS7858 vetting services, you can rest assured your screening is being handled by one of the best.

Why Choose CBS for BS7858 Vetting?

BS7858 vetting is necessary for certain positions. However, it doesn’t have to be a tedious process. Enhancing the security and recruitment process of your business has never been easier than with CBS.

We offer free registration, so why not sign-up today and explore our pay-as-you-go platform? You can even add other bespoke screening services to your package to further enhance your safeguarding!

For more information, get in touch with our friendly team to chat through your business requirements.

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