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With technology advancing and the global economy expanding every year, more businesses are expanding operations overseas and as such there is now even more demand for international criminal background checks.

At CBS we have developed strong cross-border relationships and have access to criminal data from across the globe. We work with a number of partners and overseas organisations to promptly obtain criminal information from a wide number of EU and Non-EU countries across the world (35).

As the first national provider approved by the Disclosure and Barring Service to add multiple languages to support those for whom English is not their first language, we pride ourselves on our agility, accessibility, accuracy and speed of service, with 92% of our international police checks returned within two weeks.

We Make the Complicated Simple

Employers need to understand that the ability to access the same information across borders can be limited and that every country’s screening process is different. Criminal records, data management, technology and access to public records vary across the world and can present significant challenges to obtaining a comprehensive background check.

Additionally, many countries have privacy laws that differ and can limit what information can be obtained.

We take extra steps to research various country regulations and requirements, particularly in light of all the data intelligence accessed to ensure utmost accuracy to help you make well-informed recruitment decisions.


“We have been extremely pleased and pleasantly surprised with how easy the system is to use.  Any changes that we have requested has been dealt with quickly. Rachel has been particularly helpful and is a great partner to work with.”

Bournemouth Borough Council


CBS has access to data from more than 250 countries from across the world. Below are some of the most commonly requested

EU Countries

Belgium: £72.00
Croatia: £108.00
Denmark: £57.00
Estonia: £57.00
France: £60.00
Germany: £57.00
Italy: £75.00
Poland: £69.00
Romania: £123.00
Spain: £75.00
Sweden: £60.00
Iceland: £66.00 (EEA)


Non-EU Countries


Afghanistan: £147.00
India: £135.00
Nepal: £132.00
Singapore: £81.00
Australia: £57.00
Egypt: £130.00
Iraq: £159.00
Nigeria: £130.00
Pakistan: £150.00
Brazil: £83.00
Japan: £114.00
Syria: £150.00
China: £84.00
Kenya: £102.00
Turkey: £156.00
Columbia: £117.00
Hong Kong: £51.00
Malaysia: £63.00
Russia: £303.00
USA: £57.00
Mexico: £108.00
Serbia: £84.00
Zambia: £126.00