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BS7858 Security Screening


BS7858 sets the standard for security screening of staff in an environment where the safety of people, goods or property is essential. So, ensure a high-level of safeguarding within your organisation, with our low-fuss solution.

  • 80% of applications completed in 24 hours
  • Quick and easy, free registration
  • A web-based solution available 24/7 from any location
  • Pay-as-you-go service


Why You Need BS7858 Security Screening

BS7858 is the best practice procedure published by the British Standards Institution for screening individuals employed in a security environment. It is used by businesses and industries across the UK to enhance the security and recruitment process.

Choosing CBS will provide you with all the required reports to meet and determine the BS7858 compliance standard. And with an extensive industry knowledge and experience with BS7858 vetting, our referencing team can manage all applications from individual contractor screening, through to high volume submissions with tight deadlines, whilst providing first direct customer support throughout the entire process.

CBS customers are also able to add other bespoke screening services to packages, building a unique version of BS7858, going above and beyond to enhance safeguarding and data validation.

Get in touch with our friendly team, if you are looking for additional information on BS7858 screening or any other products.


What Are the BS7858 Standards?

BS7858 vetting with CBS analyses the following:

  • Credit Report & ID Validation
  • 5 Year Employment Verification
  • 2 Personal Character References
  • Right To Work
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Gap Employment Analysis

Client Testimonials

“We recommend CBS as a provider of online DBS for our prospective and existing tutors. We have found the organisation’s communication about the required process to be totally professional and helpful at all stages.”

Helen Glynn, Manager of Cardiff & Vale Tutors