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The DBS Update Service is a crucial service for employers and individuals which helps keep criminal records constantly up to date, meaning that if someone’s criminal history changes, you will be notified.

How Does the DBS Update Service Work?

The system works by performing regular checks on a person’s criminal history without the need to undertake further criminal checks.

We can check an individual’s criminal disclosure certificate every week, month or quarter to ensure there has been no change to their criminal record and provide real-time notifications and alerts if an individual’s criminal record has changed.

This vital service has proved invaluable to many customers and is proving to be a unique tool in proactively managing, safeguarding and protecting the reputation of our clients.

Who Benefits from a DBS Update Service Check?

Employers – The DBS Update Service makes employers less vulnerable to any changes in criminal history and will save on both costs and administration.

Your clients will receive a boost of confidence in you as a provider by enhancing your safeguarding procedures and protecting those in your care also.
Individuals – The applicant will be able to use their criminal disclosure for other roles or future employment and will save on the time and stress of applying for a refreshed DBS check every few years.

When Will You Need to do Another Criminal Background Check?

Potentially never – the system offers you management by exception, therefore criminal applications become redundant.

Why Should You Sign up to the DBS Update Service?

By not registering to the service, you will not be informed of any changes to a person’s criminal history. Therefore, until a new disclosure is completed (usually completed every three years) you would not be aware of any changes to a person’s criminal record and you will be more exposed to unsuitable employees and volunteers.

Want to Learn More and Sign Your Staff Up?

Learn more about the DBS online Update Service and how you can ensure you have up-to-date information on all of your team, give our friendly team a call today.


Registration only: £16.00
Registration and quarterly checks: £18.00
Registration and monthly checks: £19.00
Registration and weekly checks: £23.00


For more information about our Updating Service, please call us on 01443 799 900 or email info@cbscreening.co.uk | one of our expert team would be happy to help.

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