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At CBS, we’re guided by our moral code of conduct and commitment to being the best we can be. This means delivering outstanding customer service and support for our customers, ensuring all data is managed safely and securely, and helping our customers meet their business needs while remaining competitive. Our team, our shareholders, our clients and their customers help us shape our culture and business as well as achieve our ambitions, and we believe that we have differentiators that set us apart from other suppliers:

  • Exceptional market knowledge and business acumen
  • A clear understanding of the screening issues customers can face
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Speed of mobilisation
  • The latest high-tech solutions that are easily adaptable
  • Responsive and rapid system enhancement
  • Front-end validation and data capture
  • Quicker responses and completion times
  • No requirement for long term contracts


As part of our commitment, CBS consistently provides best value for money for its customers.  Our screening and vetting services maximise efficiency savings for employers, streamlining what is a timely and resource consuming multi-departmental task. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we receive the best service and price at all times, which means we can do this for our customers and their clients too. We continually assess and improve internal processes, allowing us to work smartly and effectively.  We work to improve our systems through constant internal communication and by simply listening to our clients.  Our solutions are developed on a monthly basis in line with new demands or system improvements.


We are here to assist with all questions, whether it relates to assistance with online applications or legislative advice on recruitment and criminal disclosures



Over the years we have won numerous awards demonstrating and reinforcing our dedication to exceptional customer service