Throwback Thursday

Well…In Wales we are nearing the end of Lockdown 2.0 aka a ‘Firebreak Lockdown’. It basically means we’ve been unable to continue with the new ‘normal’ we’d established post-lockdown and most people are feeling a little glum and sorry for themselves. We have faced just over two weeks of restricted movement (though exercise is still encouraged and every other person seems to have decided to go for their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award!), restricted shopping (non-essential items are taped up in supermarkets and out of bounds) and forced eating and drinking (I mean…how else can we pass the time at the moment?!)

But rather than being down in the dumps, we always prefer to focus on the positives, like the fact that we have continued to deliver an exceptional screening service across all sectors throughout this pandemic, processing over 10,000 DBS applications for COVID-19 related roles within the Health & Social Care sector alone. Or the fact that we got shortlisted for Workplace Design of the Year in July and are holding out for a victory in our category this December!…So one of the ways we’re picking ourselves up at the moment is by enjoying some lovely pictures throwing it back to our amazing socially distanced summer party! What. A. Day (and night!!)

Here are some Throwback Thursday pictures for you to share in the day with us!

We had a fab clown and balloon artist that the kids loved called Mr T.Ricks! It was such a joy to provide some fun for them after everything they’ve been through this year!

The wonderful ‘Nearly Wild Show’ brought a whole range of animals for everyone to see and handle…

From our favourite little lizard…

Through to gorgeous fluffy rabbits…with a whole load of snakes, spiders, rats, mice and cockroaches thrown in for good measure!

We made good use of all the hay bales outside as we enjoyed fabulous food from The Med Shed and insanely impressive magic from Magic Stu. The music from Carmen Smith was brilliant and despite a little rain (great opportunity to use our lovely CBS branded brollies if you ask us!!), it was seriously great to take some time out, take stock a little of all that has happened this year, celebrate the good times and all the victories, and have some (socially distanced!) fun!

We’d love you to join us at our next bash! Call us today on 01443 799900 or drop us an email to info@cbscreening.co.uk


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