The Future of AI in Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence, known more by its short form ‘AI’, is a form of computer science that develops and creates intelligent machines than can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.

As a background screening agency, you may be wondering why we are talking about AI? Well, the future of recruitment is going to increasingly use AI, so we wanted to explore how this could affect background screening processes.

Recruitment and AI have made significant progress in recent years. AI is transforming the way companies attract, find, and hire the best candidates for their business.

What are some of the key points of using AI in recruitment?

  1. CV Screening:
    AI systems can screen and analyse CVs and applications to highlight applicants with the relevant skills, qualifications, and experience. This ultimately saves time in filtering through a potentially large number of applicants.
  2. Candidate Selection:
    AI can be used across various platforms to source the best applicants for a job role. AI recruitment platforms can be used to search for specific candidate criteria based on skills, location, experience, and other relevant factors. This will help recruiters contact potential applicants who may have not applied for a job but could be ideal candidates.
  3. Mitigation of Human Bias:
    AI can also be a helpful tool to mitigate any human bias in the recruitment process. As it relies on algorithms, AI systems will solely evaluate job applicants on specific criteria.
  4. Employee Onboarding:
    AI is great asset to employee onboarding. It automates the process and helps save time and company resources.


It is important to mention that even though AI can improve the recruitment process, the need for human involvement is still crucial! The best use for AI in recruitment is to work alongside any companies’ recruitment processes to streamline and improve efficiency.

So how does AI impact background screening?

It can actually play a significant role! Background screening involves collecting and screening information about an applicant’s employment history, criminal record, education and more.

AI in background screening can:

  1. CV Screening
    AI can automatically scan and extract the relevant information from a CV that is needed to complete a background check.
  2. Social Media Screening
    AI tools can be used across social media platforms to gather information about potential applicants. AI tools in social media screening can highlight any potential inappropriate behaviours that could show if a candidate is suitable for a role.
  3. Criminal Record Checks
    AI algorithms can be used to perform criminal record checks. This is done by comparing the information a potential applicant has submitted against extensive databases. AI tools can quicky highlight any criminal history which can help employers make informed decisions about potential candidates.
  4. Identity Verification
    This is something we have covered in a recent blog post, but digital ID verification is frequently used in background screening and AI has helped this. AI solutions use different authentication methods to detect fraudulent documents and confirm legitimate forms of ID.
  5. Mitigation of Human Bias
    As with recruitment, AI is trained to identify and remove any human bias that may exist in the background screening process. It is a great tool that helps and ensures that fair and objective decisions are made.


What do you think about AI in recruitment? Do you think that the use of AI in recruitment will continue to grow?

Overall, it seems that AI allows for the potential of streamlining processes and improving efficiency, which in turn can lead to effective decision making and talent acquisition.

Do you want to know more about background screening? Neglecting background screening shouldn’t be an option. Contact our team today to discuss our packages further. We would love to talk to you! 01443 440080 / info@cbsscreening.co.uk.

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