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Leah from CBS

We want you to get to know our staff so every month we’re going to interview a member of the CBS team so you get to know the person at the end of the phone, who is dealing with your enquiry.

This month we spoke to Leah from the Referencing team:

1.As a (Referencing Co-ordinator) what does your job involve?

I process all the initial checks such as ID reports, Credit reports, Company and Director Reports, along with Rights to work Checks and financial sanction checks.  I also gather information in order for the referencing team to request the employment references and to validate the applicant’s education history. I process the external ID validation for the DBS Checks, I then sent the result back to the customers in order for them to process their disclosures.


2. What task do you spend a majority of your day doing?

Completing the initial checks and gathering information in order for my team members to request the references for the eScreening applications that have come in during the day.

3.What part of your job do you enjoy most?

Helping the clients get the applicants into their roles. I enjoy processing all of the reports and checking the data.

3.What is your least favourite part of your job?

Chasing applicants for information that they should have provided when completing the form.

3.What would make your job easier?

If applicants could provide the correct information when submitting their form as well as responding to emails when they have been asked to supply further information.

6.What is your favorite film and why?

One of my favourites would be the Harry Potter films.

7.What do you like to do in your spare time?

During my spare time, I play a full contact sport; roller derby! I love being the jammer and getting through the pack and scoring points.

8.What do you like about working for CBS?

The feeling of accomplishment, knowing we have helped individuals into jobs and ensuring that they are fit for the role they are undertaking. I also enjoy the friendly but professional atmosphere in the office and how we come together as a team to raise money for causes that are important to us.

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Get to Know the CBS Team!

Get to Know the CBS Team!

The CBS staff are a committed and dedicated team who pride themselves on their extensive experience in the screening sector…They love working with you, so in this blog post we wanted to introduce some of our fantastic staff members and what they do here at CBS!