Laying Down the Gauntlet……

At CBS we have always thought ourselves to be different to the industry standard that you may have become accustomed to. A straight-talking, no-nonsense, forward-thinking and dynamic bunch of ladies, who time after time give both ourselves and our clients reasons to celebrate with the quality of the work that we deliver, and this year has been no different…

With business returning to pre-COVID levels over the past few weeks, we have, as ever been going that extra mile to ensure that screening results returned for our clients are not only of the highest caliber, but they continue to play a fundamental and pivotal role for decision making across so many elements of their business. Don’t believe us?? Just ask our clients!

To offer you a few examples and an insight in to the world of our work, we at CBS lay the gauntlet down to you, and challenge to you find a complete background screening (excuse the pun, but couldn’t resist) partner who has been delivering this kind of work recently  –

Processed over 10,000 DBS applications specifically for COVID-19 related roles within the Health & Social Care sector. A sector that has been under insurmountable pressure, and unlike most typical DBS checks that can take days, even weeks to complete, we turned these around in 24 hours!!!

Despite a global pandemic, has completed 50,000 ENHANCED level criminal checks and more than 5,000 basic criminal level checks in less than 24 hours!!!

Through ‘Right to Work’ checks we have identified 50 individuals who do not have the right to work in the UK, and if employed would have led to Government fines totaling up to £1M for employers.

Identified candidates through our credit reference checks, who use multiple aliases in order to obtain illegal credit from lending agencies

Detected several individuals who have applied to large beauty corporations to potentially work undercover and cause significant malice to their potential new employer through our ‘Animal Rights Checks’

Supported clients with an unrivalled after-sales service to help them better understand applicants who have a criminal history. By partnering with NACRO and other like-minded charities, our support, and levels of expertise on such sensitive areas really are at the forefront of our industry

Throughout the pandemic, our office has remained open as our staff are classed as key workers.  The unrivalled commitment from our staff has been exemplary and we have created a haven for our employees who have been able to serve our clients throughout with no business interruption whatsoever! We have been so proud as a unit to be able to celebrate these achievements particularly when we see other public & private sector organisations struggling to adapt to the current climate.

More than ever, we understand the investments in recruitment decisions that employers are making all over the land need to pay serious dividends, and that’s why we are here to help! Pick up the phone or drop us an email to one of our experts today, and under no obligation, you will quickly understand why through working with CBS, you’re in safe hands

Call us today on 01443 799900 or drop us an email to info@cbscreening.co.uk


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