How the 2019 DBS Changes Made Our Update Service Even Better

The DBS Update Service is a scheme that ensures that criminal records are constantly up to date and employers are alerted should an individual’s criminal history change.

Available since 2013, we have been offering this service to our clients through a unique product offering. Our one-of-a-kind system allowed us to complete a registration on behalf of our client’s employees and to manage this for them on an ongoing process, running multiple checks against individuals to ensure their DBS check remained accurate and that no new offences had occurred.

However, in September 2019, the DBS updated its regulations and shook up the system. The new rules meant that individuals were now required to complete their own subscriptions, not us.

So… What Did We Do?

Well, we revisited our systems and worked hard to revise our offering so that we could continue to manage this service for our clients. We paid particular attention to maintaining safeguarding procedures, making sure to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

With more than 50,000 people registered to our Update Service this took some time to figure out and embed, however, the team worked tirelessly to ensure we offer a robust solution that continues to enhance safeguarding and protect both individuals and the organisations that employ them.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you’re already signed up to our DBS Update Service offering, you will have a more up-to-date system.

For those not already registered, signing up could mean you never have to run a criminal background check on your staff again. Our system manages by exception, so applications become redundant and you are immediately notified if your staff’s criminal data changes.

Not only will this make your day-to-day administration easier and much cheaper, but it will make your organisation less vulnerable. So, you’ll be able to relax and concentrate on other essential tasks with the confidence that your safeguarding processes are in good hands.

Cerys Conway, a DBS Account Manager and Administrator here at CBS, said:

“From a personal perspective and having volunteered in a safeguarding role for ten years, the Update Service is a valuable asset that provides individuals and organisations with the knowledge that they are doing everything they possibly can to safeguard children and vulnerable adults.”

Victoria Harding, Recruitment and General Administrator at People and Learning, The YOU Trust, has commented saying:

“YOU takes its responsibility towards the wellbeing and safety of our clients very seriously and, therefore, the Update Service provides us with peace of mind that our employees are regularly checked.

“The fact that it notifies us of changes is very useful if the individual has not informed us directly, and the fact there is no fee for voluntary roles helps us recruit and keep more volunteers in our workforce.

“It’s such a speedy service as we don’t have to go through the full DBS application process!”


Let Us Take the Stress Out of Safeguarding

If you would like to save time and money, get in touch with our team or register your interest to learn more about our new and improved Update Service system.

This vital service has proved invaluable to many of our customers, and we’d love to make this unique tool a part of your organisation’s processes.

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