eBulk Uni Pro – The revolutionary new background screening tool for universities

It is always important to us here at CBS that we continue to develop our services as we are always striving to ensure we are doing everything we can to provide the best services possible.

When looking into the market and if there were any gaps we could fill, it came to our attention the massive administration burden that universities and colleges face every year when onboarding new students for the academic year.

The reason for this administrative burden is that it’s the responsibility of the universities and colleges to perform background checks for all students who apply for the variety of courses where DBS checks are an admission requirement.

This is where we wanted to help! Our new revolutionary eBulk Uni Pro tool can provide a simple and reliable online solution for this issue.  This new background screening tool has been designed, developed, and tailored specifically for universities & colleges with the need to background check and screen students each academic year.


Rachel Bedgood – CEO

“When tendering for a contract a University contract in 2020, we quickly identified that these organisations had very specific requirements embedded into their safeguarding processes, that were not being managed by typical ‘off the shelf’ DBS solutions.  A great deal of manual work was being undertaken by internal staff as the current systems offer no customisable or bespoke solutions to automate and manage critical safeguarding tasks.  The Admissions Teams and support staff were seeing huge challenges in managing workload and resources.  We set out to create a bespoke solution that specifically focused on automating much of the daily tasks, as well as introducing new safeguarding features that enhanced the user experience and the level of resources required to support the overall system”.


When are DBS checks required for university or college students?

Not all university and colleges students will need background checks, it is all dependent on the course that the student has applied for. Some of the courses that may require these DBS checks revolve around education or care.

The reason these courses require DBS checks as part of their admission is because safeguarding is a concern as the course may involve contact with vulnerable groups or children. Also, the majority of these courses will include a placement as part of their curriculum, so a DBS check must be performed to ensure the student can take part.

These checks will also be needed for international students who wish to enrol onto these courses alongside their right to work visas and any other international checks.

How does our eBulk Uni Pro tool work?

The eBulk Uni Pro tool allows you to perform multiple DBS checks within a short time frame. As carrying out a significant number of DBS checks can be very costly and time-consuming, the eBulk Uni Pro tool helps with this administrative burden, improves workflow and keeps your university or college safe and compliant.

Our eBulk Uni Pro tool is a fully automated DBS check management solution that offers:

• Web-based and available 24/7 from any location
• 99.9% uptime, zero unplanned downtime
• Tested and approved by the Ministry of Justice, Home Office and DBS
• Quick and easy, free registration
• Fully-integrated and customisable
• Submit an unlimited number of DBS checks
• Pay-as-you-go system


Case Study

The eBulk Uni-Pro tool has already been implemented into a major university! Since its implementation, it has achieved unprecedented success in streamlining all of the campus’ background checking needs and has improved its workflow efficiency significantly.


Are you eligible to use our new eBulk Uni Pro background screening tool? If you are a university or college that processes more than 500 DBS check year, then we would love to arrange a meeting to demonstrate our new eBulk tool. Interested? Contact us today on 01443 799900 or email us at info@cbscreening.co.uk.

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