CBS and RDT Join Forces to Make Returning to Work Seamless

Returning to work after an extended period out of the workplace can sometimes be daunting. In a recent case, we also found that it can be hard to evidence, causing unnecessary stress for applicants. That’s why we’re working with our client RDT to change the face of screening.


A Short Backstory…

RDT, a Kent-based insuretech software house, has used CBS’ screening services for eight years. They work hard to encourage women back into work and have a proven success record in hiring individuals through support services.

When RDT recently had a role in their managed services team, HR Director Fiona Mason was pleased to offer this 1st and 2nd line support role to two individuals – both of whom were returning to work after a prolonged break in employment.

Here entered CBS.

CBS was tasked with running essential background checks for RDT. For applicant Debs, this meant evidencing what she had done with her 21-year gap in employment.

As a married homemaker who did not claim any kind of benefits, most of Debs’ household bills weren’t in her name, which meant there was a limited paper trail to show what she had been doing for the last two decades.

Discussing her stressful journey back to work, Debs said:

“It was a difficult process. I feel like I would have been better off returning to work after coming out of jail than raising a family, as there would at least then be a paper trail.

“I wish I could have submitted a photo of my family to prove what I had been doing during my ‘employment gap’.”


What’s Changing as a Result?

CBS has a proud history of supporting the local community and, with a strong female-led team, strive to help women back into the workplace. So, when we heard Debs found the employment screening process distressing, we immediately knew things had to change.

We’ve worked with RDT to change the package we offer them, allowing a more flexible way for applicants to certify what they did during an extended employment break, and have provided guidance to all staff who handle the screening administration for these returnships.

Rachel Bedgood, MD and Lead Signatory at CBS said:

“Employment screening is, by its very nature, a difficult process to manage for all parties concerned. The employer needs a robust and meticulous process, the applicant needs a simple and quick journey, and we need to make sure we apply thorough due diligence while ensuring a happy balance is created to meet everyone’s objectives. This is a difficult task, however, it is a challenge we have enjoyed embracing.

“Working closely with RDT and sustaining close communications, allows us to better understand their company’s needs and together we created a solution that benefits us both. CBS has won many awards for its approach to women in business and we are super pleased be have a clear kindred spirit in RDT.”

Fiona Mason, HR Director at RDT, said:

“I was delighted with the response from CBS following Debs’ experience. They are clearly keen to improve the new starter journey and, by reflecting on this situation, I hope we will be able to provide an improved experience for our next ‘returners’ to RDT.”


Are You Looking for a Bespoke Screening Solution?

If you, like RDT, have previously encountered a specific screening issue, or your organisation requires a custom package, CBS can help. We aim to make necessary screening as painless as possible, for both businesses and applicants. So, get in touch with our team to discuss what we can do for you.


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