Are you putting your business at risk by not re-screening employees?

Do you know if your members of staff have any recent criminal convictions, in particular, ones that may put your organisation at risk? UK businesses have started to become savvier when screening new employees but rarely screen existing staff once they are employed.

Yet, statistics from the fraud prevention service (CIFAS) state that in recent years employee fraud alone has increased by 45%. How often do you screen your staff? If you don’t re-screen your staff, you may want to read this blog and consider the risks to your organisation.

UK businesses routinely screen new employees to mitigate risk and make informed hiring decisions. However, pre-employment screening can create a false sense of security for a business as all too often, records and circumstances can change overnight. An employee may start their career with a clean background, but there is no guarantee that this will remain the case and they will continue to be the most suitable candidate for your oganisation.

Unlike candidates hoping to join your organisation, current employees already have access to sensitive information, particularly if they operate in more senior roles. According to ACFE’s Global Fraud Study, 30% of all business failures are down to employee theft. If an employee has a criminal record it could potentially damage the brand image and overall reputation of your company, and even more so if you’re unaware of this fact. From our experience, almost 50% of businesses do not re-screen their staff post hire, which essentially means that these businesses are leaving themselves open to potential threats and security risks. However, CBS can help you to mitigate this risk, making recommendations for your company based on our experience.


Why should I re-screen my employees?

  • Protect the business from legal, financial and reputational consequences
  • Ensure employees meet the required standards of the role, especially if their role has changed or they have been promoted since they were initially recruited
  • Ensure staff do not pose a danger to themselves or others
  • Confirm that your organisation complies with industry standards


With over 12 years of experience, CBS knows all too well the potentially catastrophic implications when avoiding re-screening your staff.

Here at CBS we can safeguard your organisation by confirming the suitability of your current staff, ensuring that your organisation meets the industry compliance standards. If you’d like advice on re-screening your staff, please contact us today on 01443 799 900 or email info@cbscreening.co.uk one of our expert team would be happy to help.

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