Are You A Victim of Zombies at Your Workplace??

Has there ever been a time that you’ve considered there may be zombies infesting your working haven? I know, scary thought, right?! Now we’re not talking horror films’ scary bad guys, but zombie employees…But let’s be honest, what even is a zombie employee?

During this unforgettable period of our lives, the impact on businesses regardless of sector, size or style has been extraordinary. There will be winners, there will be losers and there will be those who fall somewhere in-between, but what this period has provided us with, is an opportunity to fully understand where the value in our workforce lies.

Zombies in the workplaceSome employees have used this season to really put themselves in the shop window and highlight, not only their multi-faceted skillset, but also the extra mile they were willing to go. You may have identified that there are individuals in your place of work that all of a sudden can add value in a million other ways, and historically you may never have realised.

On the flip side, unfortunately the zombies exist. The zombies are perhaps the ones that may have jumped at the opportunity to be furloughed, seeing the situation as the perfect chance to run and hide way from the crisis that was about to unfold. Or perhaps you have zombies who have drifted from day-to-day with levels of low productivity, no engagement and simply no oomph!

Zombie employees can be expensive, can decimate team morale, drastically affect your staff turnover rates and long-term (depending on the nature of their role) could be a serious risk to your company’s priceless reputation. Inadvertently, zombie, demotivated, non-productive employees cost UK businesses millions each year, so I hear you ask ‘what measures can I take to prevent workplace zombies…?

Well, one of the best ways to ensure you avoid any zombies in the workplace is to find the right recruit from the word go! At CBS we have all of the tools and expertise to ensure that your pre-employment screening is right on the money. This recruitment tool allows for careful investigation of potential employees’ backgrounds, whilst giving opportunity to confirm the accuracy of applications.  We can screen everything from employment history, qualifications and criminal history, through to rights to work and credit checks. Packages can be tailored to your unique requirements.

Our team of professionals are at hand to help you manage the risks involved in recruitment, allowing you to employ the right people, for the right roles, in double-quick time! People are central to every successful organisation. Therefore, talent acquisition and retention are two of the key issues currently faced by organisations across the globe. Attracting the right people, recruiting them, and then ensuring they stay is one of the top priorities for organisations, and employment screening strategies are the top tool to help you do just that.

Feel free to call us today on 01443 799900 or drop us a message t0  info@cbscreening.co.uk and we would love to discuss how we have the perfect zombie repellent for you at the ready 🙂 


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