6 weeks of Lockdown and an Update from Us!

Over the last 6 weeks if you haven’t

a) Made Banana Bread
b) Done a quiz on Zoom/Facetime etc
c) Spent the day in your PJs

Have you even been on Lockdown?!

As a company, we look for the positives; they’re always there! But there’s no denying that the last 6 weeks have been tough.

Thankfully, we were prepped and on the ball, to fight this pandemic as best possible, encouraging staggered breaks, use of anti-bacterial gel and some members of the team home working from as early as January. With the exception of our Covid-19 Safeguarding Response Team, everybody else is working from home and we are business as usual.

We count it a real privilege to be proactively supporting frontline workers through the Covid-19 Safeguarding Response Team. The office has remained open throughout this pandemic for these 6 core individuals. They are working all out, prioritising employment screening services for essential keyworkers and NHS staff needed to support the front line. It’s only a small piece of the puzzle, but we’re so grateful to be involved in enabling this mighty workforce to be ready for action.

That all said, it has been tough; there’s no doubt about that. When you’re a company that is always hungry to grow and develop, is constantly looking for ways to improve and learn, and always wants to feel and see progression, the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic is inevitable.  And while we reacted exceptionally quickly during these difficult times and retained a stream of business, there is no denying this has significantly impacted our company and its hopes for 2020. Being stagnant is not part of the DNA here.

As with everyone in this season, emotions and attitudes seem to change daily.  Sometimes, it is depressing and lonely to think about the current situation, and the long term effects on the economy.  It is frustrating to acknowledge that we won’t achieve the ambitious goals we set ourselves for 2020.

However, it’s often a feeling of gratitude, and an overwhelming sense of humbleness.  A sense that the world is again a land of opportunity and that new ideas and better solutions will be borne from this time. 

CBS did not pause in the business sense, but it has paused to appreciate what it has and what it can achieve in the future.  The future isn’t clear but it is certainly looking promising.

If you’d like to hear more about our plans post-pandemic, or we can be of any assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to contact our COVID-19 Safeguarding Response Team today on 01443 799900.


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As it stands, CBS have processed around 10% of the COVID 19 applications received by the DBS. It’s a small contribution to the fight against the Coronavirus, but we count it a privilege to be involved.

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