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CBS is an expert within its industry for providing employment screening services.  The core strength of our business is not just its people, but also its smart technology.  CBS opts not to employ in-house services or software developers to meet a minimum requirement; rather we strive to find organisations that endeavour to meet our exceptionally high standards and smart processes.  This is why CBS has partnered with a Software House, MapItAndGo which works alongside our team to implement our ideas, embrace our creativity, and implement super smart technology solutions. MapItAndGo delivers a highly effective, robust and proven web-based workflow tool used by our organisation since 2007, which continues to be the platform through which we expand our product range and customers.

It is designed to be completely flexible in a number of key areas:

The data that it captures and the rules around the capturing of that data | the rules include both simple validation and more complex business rules.

The processing of the data | the workflow, i.e. who can see which steps, who can move the data from one step to another, and which route the user can control are all very easily configurable within our system.

The ability to integrate with other systems | it is straightforward to take data in from other systems and feed data into other systems.

Less obviously, but very powerfully, it can act as a glue between systems, taking data from one large system and performing some added value operations before presenting it, reformed, to another system.


MapItAndGO and CBS work in partnership on all projects for eBulk and eScreening solutions. Our close partnership provides the agility we need to make all required changes and enhancements to our client solutions, and manage data securely and effectively.


“CBS staff are friendly and I can call and speak directly to someone as opposed to a machine”
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