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What is a BPSS Check?

BPSS checks (Baseline Personnel Security Standard) were created to help reduce the risk of illegal workers, identity fraud and to protect national security.

A BPSS clearance check is a requirement for civil servants, the armed forces and government contractors. It’s also required before applying for NSV security clearance.


Why Use Our BPSS Clearance Services?

At CBS, we specialise in providing BPSS checks with 100% validated results that you can rely on. We offer very competitive prices for our BPSS checks and80% of applications can now be completed in as little as 24 hours.

As industry leaders in providing a range of background checks, our team has years of experience providing NSV-compliant BPSS security clearances. Our purpose-built, streamlined system delivers your results online – saving you weeks waiting for a traditional, paper-based check.

In fact, BPSS is now our most selected screening package, with us seeing a tremendous increase in demand over recent years due to the requirements for users of PSNs (Public Services Network).

As well as the contractual requirements for BPSS, we have seen a definite trend in our systems showing BPSS has also become a robust standard of screening, adopted throughout many organisations who will take advantage of our eScreening system and add other bespoke services, building their own unique version of BPSS going above and beyond to enhance safeguarding and data validation.

The CBS Referencing Team have extensive industry knowledge and experience with BPSS, and are able to manage all applications from Individual Contractor Screening, through to high volume submissions with tight deadlines, whilst providing first direct customer and applicant support throughout the entire process.


What Information is Included in This Type of Check?

A BPSS check consists of verification made up of the following four parts (known as RICE):

• Right to work — Nationality and Immigration Status (including an entitlement to undertake the work in question)

• Identity — ID data check (electronic identity authentication – name, address, aliases, links, accounts etc.)

• Criminal records — Search for unspent convictions only (Basic Disclosure)

• Employment history check — Confirmation of past three years employment (minimum) history/activity

In addition, candidates are required to disclose any significant periods spent abroad (6 months or more in the past three years). We have no global screening limitations and can easily provide the international equivalent of BPSS to “cover all ground”.


Questions About BPSS Clearance? We Love Them!

Get in touch if you are looking for additional guidance and advice on BPSS


Credit Report
3 Year Employment Verification
Gap in Employment Analysis
Basic Criminal Disclosure


Right to work
ID Check
Criminal Record Check
Employment History Check


80% of applications can be completed in as little as 24 hours.